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Dr Speron Plastic Surgery, SC

Now you can look as good on the outside, as you feel on the inside...

Sam Speron, MD, FACS - Board Certified Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon


Chicago plastic surgery, Chicago cosmetic surgery, Chicago breast augmentation, Chicago tummy tuck, Chicago plastic surgeon, Chicago cosmetic surgeon

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Media Exposure


Dr. Sam Speron is a Chicago Plastic Surgeon and is widely recognized by the media as a leading expert on plastic surgery.  Dr. Speron’s educational efforts have received critical acclaim from the media from around the world including television (CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, Discovery Health Channel, CL TV, This week with Dr. Breen), radio (The Paul Harvey show on WGN radio, The Joe Gentile Show on WJJG, Joe Scheibinger on KFIZ Milwaukee), newspapers (USA Today, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun Times, Crain’s Chicago Business, Daily Herald, Washington Post, Washington Times, Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Daily News, New York Newsday, Pittsburg Gazette, Seattle Times, Houston Chronicle, Minneapolis Star Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, Dallas Morning News, Wyoming News, Charlotte Observer, Chain Drug Review, The Conservative Voice), magazines (People, Forbes, The Skin Care Resource, The Complete Woman, Chicago Magazine, Living Life, Oxygen, Satisfaction, Medical Economics, Laser Solutions, NewsGuide, Cosmetic Surgery Times, Woman’s Health & Fitness, The Lutheran, Company, Europe), and online news sources (, Yahoo News, Google News, MSN News, Natural Skin Care, Skin Care Recovery, Skin Care News, Botox Care Solutions, E Facial Skin Care, Skin Care Blog, Finance Visor, Beauty Riot, Hot Product News, Aloe Talk, Fit After Forty, Habits for Health, Acne Bye, Cosmetics & Skin Care, Health & Herbal Advice, LocateaDoc, HealthNewsDigest, Cosmetic Surgery, Chicago Health and Fitness, Sleeping Swan, Tours and Tales).

About Dr Speron

Patient Testimonials

Remember:  For any procedure we do, you can also talk to patients who have had that procedure done – at your convenience and without anyone from our office listening.   Ask them anything you’d like…

What do our patients say?

"He made me feel so comfortable..." - PR, Milwaukee
"I was so impressed with the staff...their compassion was overwhelming!" - DS, Hinsdale"
"Dr. Speron is so down to earth - you can tell he respects you by the way he looks at you and speaks to you!" - AE, Lake Forest
"I recommend Dr. Speron to everyone!" - SJ, San Francisco

"I love my new eyes!  What was I waiting for?" - FS, Park Ridge
"Wasn't there supposed to be any bruising?  I would recommend this to anyone!" - LL, Niles
"I thought I would have to hide out for a month - boy was I wrong!" - WD, Evanston
"I feel and look great!" - HS, Palatine

"I feel young again!  These new techniques are incredible!" - ZS, Indianapolis
"I wish I had done this years ago!" - JU, Hinsdale
"I was surprised how quickly I was able to go out in public!" - LS, Lake Forest
"I recommend this to everyone!" - AS, San Francisco

"Forget the old way!  The new endoscopic technique was awesome!" - RD, Chicago
"I have no idea why I waited!" - FD, Burr Ridge
"My forehead looks great and my eyes are definitely more open!" - LJ, Lake Bluff
"I wish I had come here the first time!" - SW, Boston

"I love my new nose!" - IR, Chicago
"There was not much pain or bruising...I loved it." - LP, Waukegan
"It looks so natural!" - YD, Cleveland
"I can breathe again..." - ZK, Aurora

"My lips look so hot!" - CS, Chicago
"They feel so natural" - AF, Chicago
"I have no idea why I waited..." - JJ, Glen Ellyn
"Everyone should think about having this done!" - PI, Tinley Park

"My face feels so smooth!" - YT, Des Plaines
"It was so simple and the benefits were impressive..." - MJ, Niles
"No down time is the way to go!" - MH, Chicago
"It feels like a nice facial but it's obvious this works a lot better." - CD, Glencoe

"I'm glad I finally tried this...what a difference!" - RD, Chicago
"My wrinkles are gone!" - PR, Northbrook
"I can't imagine who wouldn't want to try this!" - MB, Lake Forest
"Tell all your patients: you must do this immediately!" - DB, Hinsdale

"This was much better than collagen." - TT, Chicago
"The volume actually lasts!" - AG, Palatine
"I'm glad I chose to go ahead." - EO, Chicago
"A surgical procedure well worth it..." - PH, River Grove

"No more embarrassing comments." - DS, Arlington Heights
"My self-confidence is back to where it should be...!" - AS, Morton Grove
"I should've done this sooner!" - ML, Deerfield
"I was amazed at how simple and quick the recovery shape is perfect!" - YS, Oakbrook

"I waited for so long...I should've done this sooner." - WA, Chicago
"It looks so natural!" - IO, Evanston
"I heard all these horror stories...I was so impressed with my results." - AD, Naperville
"I love my new hair and it's all my own." - BR, Chicago

"I love my new look.  It looks and feels so natural!" - LJ, Highland Park
"I feel so much better about myself...when I walk down the street, I feel so alive!" - AK, Miami
"I love my new look.  No one even knows I had surgery!" - CL, Chicago
"Tell all your patients to not even think about it.  This is the best thing they could ever do for themselves and for their self-esteem!" - BR, Hinsdale

"My neck and back thank you!" - PP, Gary
"I am no longer embarrassed!" - EW, Elmhurst
"My new breasts have made me the happiest person in the world!" - FB, Chicago
"Why did I wait?" - BG, Wheeling

"They are exactly where they should be!" - DA, Minneapolis
"I am not self-conscious anymore..." - DW, Chicago
"I got the look I've always wanted!" - HU, Glendale Heights
"I'm so mad at myself for waiting so long..." - MY, Chicago

"My younger body is back!" - PS, Wilmette
"I have no problem walking down the beach anymore..." - KU, Los Angeles
"No one knows what I did - they think I just have a great body because I take care of myself!" - OE, Vernon Hills
"I would do it again in a heartbeat!" - SS, Chicago

"I look in the mirror and I can't believe what I see!" - TS, Mount Prospect
"You changed my body like I could've never imagined..." - LS, Chicago
"Who cares about the scar?  The difference is truly unbelievable!" - SF, Beverly Hills
"After 2 previous liposuction procedures by those other doctors, I never thought I would ever be happy with my abdomen are a miracle worker and it was worth every penny!!!" - GR, Chicago

"What a difference!" - JG, Chicago
"I don't even understand how he did it, but I'm glad I let him do it!" - ID, Chicago
"I can't wait until the summer gets here..." - PS, Des Plaines
"I finally found someone who could correct what other "expert cosmetic surgeons" had screwed up!" - MP, Chicago

"I love not having to shave!  I should've done this sooner." - SD, Chicago
"I can't believe how easy it was!" - PL, Winnetka

"My skin feels awesome!  I can't believe there was no down time." - NB, Northbrook
 "I can't believe the things they do nowadays.  I should've done this sooner!" - DG, Elmhurst

"Most of my wrinkles are gone... my skin is healthy and alive... I look 20 years younger."
- C.P., Hamilton

"It feels great to finally wear a short skirt again!" - LV, Chicago
"I'm not embarrassed to show off my legs anymore..." - QV, Mount Prospect

"Bye, bye bye!  I should've done this a long time ago." - SD, Park Ridge
"No more mole and no scar - unlike what that other doctor wanted to do!" - FG, Skokie

"Wow!  It's like I never got a tattoo." - AF, Chicago
"One of the biggest mistakes I ever made is finally gone." - AM, Chicago

"My skin feels great and I love it!  I should've done this sooner." - AP, Chicago
"It's amazing what technology today can do." - PH, Lake Forest

"My skin feels great!" - AA, Oakbrook
"What an easy way to get healthier skin.  I recommend this to everyone!" - RJ, Lake Forest
"The smoothness of my face is amazing..." - BF, Park Ridge
"Goodbye sun damage, hello younger skin!" - ER, Chicago

"I am so glad I took the plunge.  I feel like I used to..." - SS, Chicago

"I feel like a kid again!  It's amazing!!" - PT, Licolnwood

"I feel so safe knowing a medical doctor is in charge of my care here!" - OT, Chicago

"Since your center was so much cheaper than all of the other anti-aging clinics, I had some doubts when I started.  You quickly put my fears to rest.  I appreciate the fact that no one is ever pushy or trying to sell me something..." - WA, Kenilworth


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